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The following form is an online notebook to help you record your questions as you progress through this site. Using the list of questions below, simply check mark the questions you would like to ask your RE. We'll save these for you.

You can also add your own questions at any time in the box below. When you have finished adding questions, you can print your list to take with you on your appointment. You may do this now, or at any other time simply by clicking on the Notebook icon. You can also access the notebook in PDF format (20k) to be saved to your hard drive and printed later.

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What is your experience with IVF? How many years have you been doing this?

What is the IVF success rate of your clinic?

What is the live birth rate of your clinic?

How many cycles has your clinic performed? 

What is your success rate with women of similar age and diagnosis?

Realistically, what are my chances of success?

What types of tests or procedures do you recommend?

What are your usual IVF procedures?

Do you have an on-site lab?

Are members of your staff available after hours and on weekends?

Is your lab open after hours and on weekends?

How will I be monitored during the IVF cycle? Will I need to come in to the clinic frequently?

What types of fertility drugs will be prescribed?

What is the purpose of these drugs? What are the side effects/risks of these drugs?

I (or my partner) have a fear of needles. How will we be able to give the injections?

Are the injections painful?

During egg retrieval, what type of sedation do you use (i.e., general anaesthesia, intravenous anaesthesia, painkillers, etc.)?

Can my partner be with me during egg retrieval?

How are the eggs fertilised?

When will I know if the eggs successfully fertilised?

How many embryos do you typically put back into the uterus?

What is your policy regarding embryo freezing?

What happens after the embryos are put into the uterus?

What drugs are used after the embryos are put into the uterus?

What is the purpose of these drugs? What are the risks/side effects of these drugs?

When and how will I know if the procedure was successful?

What is your rate of multiple pregnancies?

How much will this cost? (You will want to find out if the expenses of IVF are covered by your health provider before your appointment.)

If this cycle is not successful, how many cycles do you recommend?

How soon could we try again?

I'd like to write some of my own thoughts and questions:

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